Learn to ski better and have more fun

You can tackle pretty much any run, but you’d like to polish your style? Don’t worry! You’re not alone. That’s why we teach adult ski classes for groups. Take an afternoon carving class with one of our experienced instructors or join one of our fun morning courses for newcomers and beginners. The morning courses take place at the same time as the children’s ski courses. Benefit from small groups and a unique learning atmosphere. Duration: 2 hrs.


Find the right course

We divide our courses for adults and teens into 2 groups: Group 1 requires no skills. Group 2 is for intermediate skiers that are able to do snow plough turns and can stop in a controlled manner.

Prices ski course for adults 2 hours/day
5 days € 164.-
4 days € 155.-
3 days € 144.-
2 days € 95.-
1 day € 52.-
+ day(after 3 days possible) € 22.-

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Package: ski course and ski rental

Prices packages for adults 2 hours/day
5 days ski rental, 3 days ski course á 2h € 230.-
5 days ski rental, 5 days ski course á 2h € 260.-

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