Bobo is where the fun is

Our Snow Devils children’s ski school is a certified  Bobo ski school. Bobo, the funny penguin, keeps the kids in a good mood all week long. When children fall, Bobo is there to put a smile back on their faces. Bobo makes skiing fun – even when mom & dad are not around. The highlight of the week is a photoshoot with Bobo and your instructor. So come on over and discover Bobo’s Kinderland with the fun magic carpet, colorful arches and exciting games at Bobo’s children’s ski school!

Our exercise area is located directly in the center of Maurach, opposite to Hotel Mauracherhof. You can reach it easily with the bus, which stops in front of the Kinderland.

At the Kinderland our kids learn skiing with many coloured tools and toys, like rings, ribbons, obstacles, little jumping hills or tunnels. A magic carpet lift helps the young skiers to decent the hill.

Every Friday morning, there’s a final race where our little superstars can show off their newly acquired skills for an applauding audience. Every Snow Devil wins a prize. After all, it’s participation that counts at Snow Devils children’s ski school at Achensee.

Our Bobo Kinderland in Maurach