Glorious sunshine. Epic powder snow. Perfectly prepared slopes. The only missing ingredient is the right equipment. Stop by Sport Wörndle, our Ski shop and Ski rental at Achensee. We offer personalized advice, great offers and the best brands.

Why equipment matters

You may be a pro trying to achieve that one-hundredth of a second that separates winners from losers. You may be an avid skier who simply loves the joy of skiing and the breathtaking views. Or you might just be taking your “first steps” as an alpine skier. In any case, you’ll need the right equipment to be successful. We’ll help you get the gear you need and ensure it’s perfectly tuned perfectly tuned. Professional. Quick. Affordable.

Use your energy wisely.

Skiing and snowboarding at Achensee will require you to put all your muscles to work. Your body will be going full speed. So you certainly don’t want to waste any energy by skiing or snowboarding with equipment that isn’t perfectly adapted to your needs. You want your gear to be waxed and serviced, your bindings electronically adjusted and your shoes to fit to perfection. If you wish to play it safe, come to our premium ski rental shop at Sport Wörndle at Achensee. We have the best brands. We offer expert advice. And we are always attentive to your needs.

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