The coolest way to experience the mountain

Ride like a pro. Learn how to snowboard and show off your moves during your ski holiday at Achensee. We offer a daily 2-hour snowboard course for children and adults. If you are a beginner, we recommend taking 3 lessons (3 days). If you already know how to snowboard, the duration of the course will vary depending on your skills. Courses are taught in small groups. Our instructors are well trained and will ensure that you make quick progress and have lots of fun along the way.

Finding the right course

We offer snowboard courses for beginners and intermediate riders. Beginners do not require any skills. Intermediate riders have to be able to turn to join the course. Slightly advanced should be able to turn. The beginner course is in the morning, the slightly advanced are boarding in the afternoon. 

Prices Snowboard courses 2 hours/day
5 days € 195.-
3 days € 160.-

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Packages: Snowboard rental and Snowboard course

Prices snowboard package adults & children from 8 years 2 hours/day
5 days Snowboard rental, 3 days Snowboard course á 2h € 270.-

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